Library Styles Sync

sync shared styles with a Library document

v1.0.6 is compatible with Sketch 48.0.0


Here's a Sketch plugin to sync shared text and layer styles from a Sketch Library into the current document.

How do I use it?

  • Run Sync with imported libraries to sync from all libraries you've imported a symbol from or
  • Run Sync with... to choose the library you want to sync with

How does it match styles?

By name

  • if the style doesn't exist, it's created
  • if it does exist, it's overwritten

Does sync work both ways?

No, sync is only one-way (from Library to document). Any changes to your document's shared styles will get overwritten next time you run the plugin.

Which Libraries does it sync from?

Sync with imported libraries syncs with all libraries you've inserted at least one symbol from. Sync with... allows you to choose the library you want to sync from.

JSON (experimental / WIP)

  • add URLs for color and typography JSON files
  • sync those JSON styles as text styles

Apologies for poor docs on this - it's still a work-in-progress

example JSON files



Download, unzip and double click the .sketchplugin



  • press Control + Command + J to sync from imported libraries, or use the Plugins menu
  • press Control + Command + Shift + J to choose the library you want to sync with, or use the Plugins menu

Example - first sync

Example - getting an update


Get in touch at, but use @ instead of # if you're not a 🤖


Copyright (c) 2017 Zero Height Limited (zeroheight). See for further details.

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