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Quickly expand and shrink your artboards with ease!

v2.0.0 is compatible with Sketch 0.0.0


Designing in Sketch is blissful, but when you constantly add and remove extra padding on artboards, sometimes it feels like...

Let's simplify this process with SnipSnap!

"Snip" Extra Padding on Artboards and Layers

Single Artboard

Snip a single artboard with a specified padding.

Snip Single Artboard

Multiple Artboards

Snip padding across multiple artboards.

Snip Multiple Artboard

Single Layer

Snip a single layer on an artboard.

Snip Single Layer

Multiple Layers

Snip multiple layers across multiple artboards.

Snip Multiple Layers

"Snap" Extra Padding on Artboards and Layers

Snap on set padding to an artboard.

Add extra padding to single or multiple artboards.

Snap padding

Set Specific Padding for Snip and Snap

Set your padding for Snip and Snap easily.

SnipSnap Settings

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