Sketch bootstrap guides

generate guides along with twitter bootstrap grid system.

v1.1.0 is compatible with Sketch 0.0.0

Sketch bootstrap guides


This plugin generate guides along with twitter bootstrap(v3,v4) grid system.


Via Sketch app

Open Sketch, on menu Plugins > Reveal Plugins Folder. Download the repo as ZIP and extract to above directory.


menu Plugins > Sketch bootstrap guide > select Generate Twbs3 Guides or Generate Twbs4 Guides.

These are menu you can use.

  • Remove All Guides
  • Remove Horizontal Guides
  • Remove Vertical Guides
  • Generate Twbs3 Guides
  • Generate Twbs3 Fluid Guides
  • Generate Twbs4 Guides
  • Generate Twbs4 Fluid Guides



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