Single Border

Add single borders with advanced controls.

v1.7.0 is compatible with Sketch 53.0.0

Single Border v1.7 ⌘ + shift + B

Add single borders in Sketch App with advanced controls.


Add basic single borders to any selected layer. Single Border example Single Border example

Border colors can be changed after quiting the plugin. Just select the border (shape) and update fill to your desired color.

When borders are applied to adjacent sides, instead of borders overlapping, a diagonal line is generated which divides both the borders (like in CSS). When the borders are of same color, this division wont be visible. Single Border example

You can also set the border position to Inside, Center and Outside. Single Border example Single Border example

Single Border plugin lets you apply borders individually to any side and also assign thier position individually. Single Border example Single Border example


Using the new resizing options (fixed width / height), you can couple the border with the layer so that when you rezise the layer, border stays in place.

Single Border example


Make sure you have the latest version of Sketch installed. (Sketch 40+)

  1. Download the ZIP file of this repository
  2. Double click on Single-Border.sketchplugin

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