Symbol Instance Locator

Locate all instances of a selected symbol or instance.

v1.1.0 is compatible with Sketch 0.0.0

Symbol Instance Locator

Locate all instances of a selected symbol or instance. Select an instance in the list of results to jump to it's location.

Symbol Instance Locator


  • cmd option shift l - Locate all instances of the selected symbol or instance



Search for Symbol Instance Locator in Sketchrunner, Sketchpacks, or Sketch Toolbox if you have one of those installed.

Once installed, Sketch will automatically notify you when an update is available (version 0.2 and later).


  1. Download and open
  2. Navigate to Symbol Instance Locator.sketchplugin and copy/move to your plugins directory

To find your plugins directory...

  1. In the Sketch menu, navigate to Plugins > Manage Plugins...
  2. Click the cog in the lower left of the plugins window, and click Reveal Plugins Folder


  • 1.1 - Code optimizations and dialog frame will now be smaller if a small set of results are returned.
  • 1.0 - Found instances now display image of the instance, page where the instance reside, and instance name.
  • 0.3 - Converted list of instances to NSButtons, which when selected, will now navigate user to location of instance.
  • 0.2 - Added appcast plugin support for Sketch 45 and later. Significantly improved processing time, and presentation of results.
  • 0.1 - Initial commit. Functional, but rudimentary and will be improved upon.



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Copyright (c) 2017 Jason Burns (Sonburn). See for further details.

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