Allows to export pages with variants depending on their name prefixes

v1.0.0 is compatible with Sketch 0.0.0


Sketchapp plugin that exports screen and their variants based on the layer prefix.

variant_1 variant_2

How it works

  • To create a fork of a given Artboard add “&” prefix to any layer, group or symbol.
  • Plugin exports only Artboards that are marked as exportable in Sketch.
  • You can scale any scren fork by adding “Size” value.
  • Use “Suffix” to add custom endings for scaled forks.
  • Set export format as you do now by choosing it from a dropdown (works only with .png and .jpg).
  • To export to a different folder add a path in the Artboard name.
  • Pages or Artboards that have a prefix of “-“ are ingored during the export.


Name conventions:

  • {Page}-{ArtboardName}.png or .jpg
  • {Page}-{ArtboardName}-{Fork}.png or .jpg
  • Spaces are changed to “-“



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