Clean Up SF Type

Clean up usage of SF font per Apple's recommended guidelines

v1.5.3 is compatible with Sketch 0.0.0

Clean Up SF Type

This plugin does two things: adjusts character spacing on text layers set in SF Text & SF Display fonts to match the system-applied spacing on iOS 9-11. Secondly for type 20pt / 40px and above, it will automatically switch the font to the "Display" variant, per Apple's recommendations.

How to Use It

Choose the plugin from the menu. It will automatically update all SF text Layers on the current page. That's it!

How it Works

Finds all SF UI or SF Pro fonts and updates the character spacing, based on the tracking values provided by Apple and adapted for Sketch's "character spacing" property by Matthew Buchanan.

Because the values provided by Apple are not exhaustive, for font sizes that are not defined explicitly, the spacing is approximated using a polynomial regression.

Updated 9/19/2017

Added support for mixed-style text layers, so things like font weight and character spacing are respected.

Updated 9/11/2017

Added support for SF Pro font (the new default font in iOS 11), along with additional tracking values. Note, for backwards compatibility it will leave existing SF UI fonts unchanged.

Updated 7/6/2016

By popular demand, I've added support for people who design @1x. The first time you run the script it will ask you once what resolution you design in. You can always change this by running "Set Default Design Resolution".

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