The Icon Fetcher

This plugin will let you insert any website's favicon, or iOS/Android app's icon into your design

v1.2.0 is compatible with Sketch 3.5.2

Sketch Icon Fetcher

Get the image of any App Store app icon, Google Play app icon, company logo, or a website's Favicon

LATEST UPDATE (Mar 27 2017): Plugin fixed and now supports Sketch 41+ and added NEW functionality: Get any company logo by Clearbit API

This is how it looks like:

image to explain how this looks

The plugin generates icons based on the company/product name.

i.e. waze:

image to see example icons

It works like this:

image to explain how this works


Yep! It's a Sketch plugin that will let you insert any website's favicon, and iOS/Android app's icon into your design

The plugin was originally made for use in the Product Design team at Similarweb, (I built it for my team when I was running the design team there) and hopefully some of you out there will also find it useful :)

The plugin uses the Google Favicon API for Favicons, an [ API]( API) for Google Play app icons & App Store icons, and Clearbit API for company logos.

Read how I created this plugin, so you can create your own!

How to use:

  1. Install by downloading (download link), unziping, and then double clicking the "get me a favicon.sketchplugin" file.
  2. In Sketch, Create a 16x16px rectangle for favicons, or a bigger icon (can be up to 512x512 in some cases) for App Store/Google Play icons/Company Logo. Make sure the rectangle is selected.
  3. Use the shortcuts of cmd+ctrl+shift+f for Favicon,cmd+ctrl+shift+l for logo, cmd+ctrl+shift+G for Google Play icons, cmd+ctrl+shift+a for App Store icons. You can also simply choose from the top menu "Plugins --> Fetch that icon for me will you?" and it will do the trick.
  4. Enter any URL for favicons, or app name for Google Play/App Store icons. Voila! Enjoy.

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Let's connect!

You can find me on Twitter, on Dribbble, and read my (Design/Sketch/Life Hacking) articles on Hacking UI.

Shout Outs

This plugin is based off of Tobi Kremer's who has built the excellent Company Logo Fetcher for Sketch. Big Thanks to the support of []( API) for helping me build the Google Play icon API.

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