Sketch Bounding Boxer

Toggle visibility of 'boundingBox' layers in a Sketch document

v1.1.1 is compatible with Sketch 0.0.0
Sketch Bounding Boxer

Sketch Bounding Boxer Animation

Why Sketch Bounding Boxer

In our Sketch documents, we often use "boundingBox" layers in eg. icon layer groups to see (and use) their actual dimension and bounds. Since we don't want to see these "boundingBoxes" permanently, we created this little plugin to toggle their visibility with a keyboard shortcut (we use "cmd + l").

By default, the plugin toggles all layers with their name starting with "boundingBox", so for example "boundingBox 2" will be toggled as well (this is pretty nifty if you duplicate layers and get an automatic number at the end of the name). You can easily change the affected layer name with the "Settings" command.


  1. Download the ZIP file (or clone repository)
  2. Move the file Sketch Bounding Boxer.sketchplugin into your Sketch Plugins folder. In Sketch 3, choose Plugins › Reveal Plugins Folder… to open it.

Please report bugs, observations, ideas & feature requests as issues.

Available Commands


automatically determines if the (majority of) matching layers are currently visible or hidden and toggles their visibility accordingly.


makes all matching layers visible.


makes all matching layers hidden.


allows for the layer name to be changed as desired. * can be used as a wildcard meaning that box* will match box, box1, box-something, etc. * can be used anywhere within the layer name string.

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