Duplicate Under

Duplicates layer, but places copies under the original in the layer list.

v1.0.0 is compatible with Sketch 50.0.0
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Duplicate Under (Sketch plugin)

Sketch.app plugin to duplicates layer, but placing copies under the original in the layer list.

You may run the plugin by pressing ⌘↑D (command+shift+D) or by using the "Duplicate Under" command in the Plugins menu.

Automatic installation

Let Sketchpacks or Runner do the work for you. Open one of them, search for "Duplicate Under", and click "Install".

Manual Installation

  1. Download DuplicateUnder.zip archive with the plugin.
  2. Reveal plugins folder in finder ('Sketch App Menu' -> 'Plugins' -> 'Manage Plugins...' -> 'Gear Icon' -> 'Show Plugins Folder').
  3. Delete previously installed version of the plugin (DuplicateUnder folder or DuplicateUnder.sketchplugin bundle)
  4. Un-zip downloaded archive and double-click DuplicateUnder.sketchplugin file inside it.

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oodesign published this plugin a year ago.

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