Nudge, Push, Shove

Change the big and small nudge settings for Sketch. Plus, get access to an even bigger nudge setting.

v1.4.2 is compatible with Sketch 4.1.0

Nudge, Push, Shove.

Rather than go through this readme, check out the website. It's way better.

Changing the nudge settings in Sketch used to require a trip to the Settings. Used to. Now you can change those settings easily with this plugin. In addition, there's new hotkeys to make even bigger nudges if you need to.




  • Download this file and double click to install.


Adjust Nudge Settings

  • Use Sketch Runner and type Change Nudge Settings or start typing nudge, push, or shove to select from the predefined 16px grid options.
  • Navigate to Plugins > Nudge, Push, Shove. > Change Nudge Settings. You'll also see a list of predefined 16px grid options here in this same menu as well.
  • Hit ctrl +cmd +n on your keyboard.


  • Use like normal.
  • Default setting is 1px.


  • Use shift + like normal.
  • Default setting is 10px.


  • Use Sketch Runner and type Shove -Direction-.
  • Use option +shift +. Change the hotkey from option to command in the Change Nudge Settings menu.
  • Default setting is 15px.


File an issue or send me a note on Twitter. Any and all feedback is welcome!

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