Engineer Friendly Text

make text layer's metric friendly to iOS engineer

v1.0.0 is compatible with Sketch 0.0.0

Engineer Friendly Text

Engineer-Friendly-Text is a sketch plugin make text layer's metric friendly to iOS engineer.


Sketch's text layer have extra margin on the outer sides when lineHeight greater than default one. This is different with text views on iOS, which make engineer hard to implement the design precisely.



This plugin automatically add a mask on text layer and crop it to the same height to text view on iOS. Extra margin before first line and below last line will be crop out. So iOS engineer can just layout views according to the frame in sketch file and adjust margin by hands no more.

This plugin also provides a convenient method to set line height multiple.


Install EngineerFriendlyText with Sketchpacks

or donwload here. You may give me a star 🌟 if you like it.


  • 1.1: add support for Chinese font
  • 1.0: initial release

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