Lazy Styles Generator

Generate shared layer and text styles using the name of the selected layer as the name of the generated style.

v4.3.1 is compatible with Sketch 3.0.0

Lazy Styles Generator

:tada: Lazy Styles Generator is a Sketch :gem: plugin that allows you to create and update shared text and layer styles across your sketch files or libraries with ease.

This plugin was created using skpm. For a detailed explanation on how things work, checkout the skpm Readme.



  • Download the latest release
  • Double click on the .sketchplugin file


  • Open Runner using cmd + '
  • Tab or click to the Install tab
  • Search for Lazy Styles Generator
  • Install it!


Can I create thousands of styles in one go?

You can, if your system can handle it, however, it is probably better to batch them into 100s.

How fast is it?

I have optimised the plugin as much as possible - If you can see any performance improvements in the code, please get in touch.


Twitter: @adambruzon

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