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Its a nice plugin to use fontawesome in Sketch for developers and designers.

v1.0.0 is compatible with Sketch 0.0.0

This plugin is not developing no more. You can use plugin, its a maintainable version.

Its a nice plugin to use fontawesome in Sketch for developers and designers.

Update: New UI and commands



A Problem of the Designer: When you want to add an icon from fontawesome, you don't need to find a cheatsheet to copy it in your design.

  • You can easily add it now in sketch.

A Problem of the Developer: When you want to learn the alias of the icon which is added from a designer, you don't need to look all of 585+ icons to find it.

  • You can easily learn it now in sketch.


  1. Download ZIP of this repo.
  2. Extract and rename folder to what would you like.
  3. Put the folder in your Sketch plugin folder (Use Plugins > Reveal Plugins Folder to find the plugin folder).


  1. You need to install fontawesome font to your os system. You can download from here:


It's not working with sketch beta. Because sketch beta is not supporting NSFont, I'll be fix it when it will be finished.


for designer

  1. Insert a text layer in sketch document.
  2. Select Add Icon with Alias under the plugin in Plugins menu.
  3. Write the alias of icon which you want to add.

for developer

  1. Select the text layer of icon.
  2. Select Get Alias of Icon under the plugin in Plugins menu.


It will be helped you only when you use font awesome font.

~~I'll be add some functions, one of them: you can add icon from font awesome icon list.~~

Do you have any suggestion? it would be so nice.

Next steps

~~- I'm trying to build a Clean UI for archive view. We'll select icons from the tableview(nstableview).~~

  • I'm trying to create a new plugin, it will include material-icon-font and svg icon font parser.
  • I will add "icon categories" in "Add icon from Archive". I'll be using it to filter icons. ~~- I need to delete unnecessary codes.~~ ~~- I need to add more annotations and good instructions.~~

Material icon font is coming soon.



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