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v2.0.0-beta.3 is compatible with Sketch 3.5.0

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Heavily influenced by https://github.com/fuggfuggfugg/sketch-dynamic-button-3.5.

Dynamic symbol button for Sketch 3.5+

This plugin let's you create basic symbols that adjust to the dimensions of the text layer. Something like Dynamic Button but with symbols. For a more in depth look you can read my post about it.


Version 2.0.0-beta.3

  • Added Sketch 46 compatibility

Version 2.0.0-beta.2

  • Fixed bug with Sketch 43 and Sketch 44

Version 2.0.0-beta.1

  • Special naming of text layer is no longer necessary
  • Therefor removed "Update Dimensions" menu entry
  • Symbol background no longer needs to be bigger to correctly resize the symbol itself

Version 1.1

  • Optimized detection logic of text layer
  • Symbol can now easily be updated when the text layer name is changed (Cmd + Alt + D)
  • Icon support

Version 1.0

  • First Version
  • Basic updating of dimensions
  • Helper to create symbol


  • [x] Allow more then two layers (e.g. for buttons with icons)
  • [x] Try to get the button padding not from the layer's name but from the it's dimensions
  • [ ] Add support for child symbols



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