Freeman's FinChart

Draw candlestick and line chart in the Sketch, with built-in real data.

v1.3.0 is compatible with Sketch 0.0.0

Freeman's FinChart SketchPlugin

Financial chart tool for Sketch

A good UX designer should always design pages with real data, this idea gives real pain when your work involve a lot of charts. A designer need to lay eyes on actual charts to adjust size, gap, color or such, but drawing a candlestick or a realistic-looking line chart manually is real waste of time, so here comes the rescue.




  • Draw Candlestick chart base on real data
  • Draw Line chart base on real data
  • Fully editable output with separated layers
  • Customizable settings for gap size and total number for candlestick chart


  • Grid line & footnote for charts
  • Volume Chart for candlestick & line
  • More design things to tweak (Padding, Gap between two charts, Area fill for line charts…)
  • More shape of data (Rise, Fall, Turbulence…)
  • Allow user input data (CSV, Copy-Paste data text…)

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