Freeman's FinChart

Draw candlestick and line chart in the Sketch, with built-in real data.

v1.4.0 is compatible with Sketch 0.0.0

Freeman's FinChart SketchPlugin

Draw financial chart with built-in real data.

A good UX designer should always design pages with real data, they need to be able to see the actual result to make the proper design decision. But when it comes to chart related design, it's really painful to follow the conduct, drawing a Candlestick Chart or a realistic-looking Line Chart manually is a real waste of time, so here comes the rescue.

Tested Sketch Version: 55.2


CandleStick UI Candlestick Layout Modes Line Chart


  • Draw Candlestick chart base on real data
  • Draw Line chart base on real data
  • Fully editable output with separated layers
  • Customizable settings for gap size and total number for candlestick chart


  • Grid line & footnote for charts
  • Volume Chart for candlestick & line
  • More design things to tweak (Padding, Gap between two charts, Area fill for line charts…)
  • More shape of data (Rise, Fall, Turbulence…)
  • Allow user input data (CSV, Copy-Paste data text…)

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