ContentSync for Sketch

Sync your content to and from Google Spreadsheets. Abstract, version, and translate your design content.

v4.2.4 is compatible with Sketch 3.7.0

Abstract, version, and translate your design content.

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SketchContentSync 4.2.4

Sync to Google Documents and more. Directly from within Sketch.

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ContentSync Platform

We require an account to allow ContentSync to integrate with your Google Documents and more. Don't worry, we only require access to documents we create so all your other documents remain secure and private.

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SketchContentSync Plugin

Install with Sketch Runner

With Sketch Runner, just go to the install command and search for SketchContentSync. Runner allows you to manage plugins and do much more to speed up your workflow in Sketch. Download Runner here.

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Install Manually

Support / Bugs / Feature Requests

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  • #79 Fixes manifest version for updates


  • #77 Fixes version dropdown updates when versions removed
  • #76 Supports Sketch Midnight theming
  • Improves speed of push


  • Automatically pushes all keys for overrides - even blank ones
  • Fixes version dropdown / selection when creating a new version
  • #74 Fixes handling of cases of MSImmutableTextLayer
  • Better error capturing/reporting for support help


  • Fixes positioning of embedded layers in groups for ContentSync Desktop
  • Fixes issues syncing when symbol instance has image override

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