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A plugin for Sketch that boosts your productivity by keeping you on-task.

v1.2.0 is compatible with Sketch 3.8.0

Sketch Focus

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A new plugin for Sketch that boosts your productivity by keeping you on-task, brought to you by Code Arrows.


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What is Sketch Focus?

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Add notes and tasks to your document

Easily add notes and tasks (items) to your Sketch documents to keep track of what you need to do to particular layers, artboards or pages. Use [CMD SHIFT F] to open Sketch Focus and then toggle between notes and tasks using the [TAB] key.


Link layers to items

Link layers to your items as you create them, or later on by selecting the layers you want to link to a particular item and then clicking [Link selected layers] inside the item you want to link the layers to.


Jump directly to linked layers

After linking layers to your items, simply click a layer's name or thumbnail to jump to it in your document. It will be selected and zoomed in for your convenience. You can also jump to any parent layers, all the way to the artboard and page.


Mark items as important

Highlight items with a [Star] to label them as 'important'. You can then choose to only see important items by opening the [Filter] menu and checking [Important items].


Search items

Search your items by opening the [Search] menu and then entering your search string. You can also refine your search with additional filters in the [Filter] menu to only see the items you're looking for.


Filter items by currently visible or selected layers

Filter your items to only those that are linked to currently visible or selected layers by opening the [Filter] menu and checking [Items linked to visible layers] or [Items linked to selected layers].


Sort items by date or alphabetically

Sort your items by date or alphabetically by opening the [Sort] menu and choosing one of [Newest first], [Oldest first], [A-Z] and [Z-A]. Custom sorting will be added in an update in the near future.


Customize UI color

Make Sketch Focus your own by clicking the [Settings] icon and navigating to the [Colors] tab. Here you can choose from the following 9 colors: [Red], [Orange], [Light green], [Dark green], [Turquoise], [Light blue], [Dark blue], [Purple], [Pink].


Dark UI theme

Switch to a professional, dark interface theme by clicking the [Settings] icon, navigating to the [Colors] tab and toggling the switch from Light to Dark.


Import and export data

Open [Settings], choose the [Data] tab and click 'Export data' to create a JSON file containing all of your notes and tasks. You can later import it back into any document you like. This is a must when you have mission critical information in your items.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Sketch Focus?

Sketch Focus is designed as a separate floating window and you can open and close it anytime and continue exactly where you left off. You can toggle the Sketch Focus window by hitting [CMD SHIFT F] on your keyboard, and you can also find it under the 'Plugins' menu. Once the window is showing, select some layers and add notes and tasks, etc. Hit [ESC], [CMD SHIFT F] or click the close button to close the window.

Can I set my own custom shortcut?

If you don't like the default [CMD SHIFT F] shortcut, feel free to add your own by going to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts. You can find more detailed instructions here:

What versions of Sketch and OSX does Sketch Focus support?

Sketch Focus is compatible with Sketch 3.8+ and OSX 10.11+.

How do I get the latest version?

  • If you already have Sketch Focus installed, go to Sketch and open Sketch Focus. If there is an update available, the update page will appear - just click "Update now" and it will automatically update to the latest version.
  • If you don't already have Sketch Focus installed, then simply go to and click the "Download now" button in the Download section to get the latest version.

How do I uninstall Sketch Focus?

  1. Open Sketch
  2. Go to Plugins > Manage Plugins
  3. Right-click Sketch Focus
  4. Choose Uninstall "Sketch Focus"
  5. Restart Sketch
  6. Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items
  7. Remove SketchFocusHelper from the list


We're two brothers passionate about awesome plugins. Follow Sketch Focus on Twitter @sketchfocus to get the latest updates. You can contact us at, or get help by emailing []( help me with...).

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