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Sketch plugin to update placeholders with with metadata about last save, such as timestamp or increment.

v1.1.0 is compatible with Sketch 46.2.0


Sketch plugin to update placeholders with with metadata about last save, such as timestamp or increment


  1. Download
    latest .zip file or via releases page.
  2. Unzip and double click to install it.


When updating your shared design, it is hard to keep track of versions. Then it is handy to show a version indicator. This plugin will update this indicator automatically on every save.

For the version indicator, you can use date/time, use a generated image or use an increment.

Screenshot Sketch with features displayed


  1. Open the .sketchplugin-file
  2. Sketch will open and tell you the plugin is installed

Getting started

  1. Open a sketch file, or create a new one
  2. Insert an artboard
  3. Insert a text layer inside this artboard
  4. Name it [lastupdated] (or one of the other supported strings)
  5. Select a different element on the artboard
  6. The text layer will update its value


The plugin will update text or images in placeholder layers. So you can design your own version indicator.

Placeholders which the plugin monitors (on January, 31st 2020 at 3:31:59 PM):

  • [lastupdated] : 31-1-2020 15:31
  • [lastupdatedUS] : 1/31/2020 15:31
  • [lastupdated-full-date] : 31-1-2020
  • [lastupdated-full-dateUS] : 1/31/2020
  • [lastupdated-time] : 15:31
  • [lastupdated-year] : 2020
  • [lastupdated-month] : 1
  • [lastupdated-day] : 4
  • [lastupdated-day-str] : thu
  • [lastupdated-hour] : 15
  • [lastupdated-minute] : 31
  • [lastupdated-second] : 59
  • [lastupdated-image] : Blockies image,
  • [lastupdated-increment] : 1

The placeholders are updated on elements or symbol overrides inside an artboard. Note: [lastupdated-image] can only be used on shapes (like a rectangle) on the artboard, or on images within a symbol.


This plugin didn't exist for some great inspiration:



  • Automatically updates on select
  • Supports date and time: [lastupdated], [lastupdatedUS], [lastupdated-full-date], [lastupdated-full-dateUS], [lastupdated-time], [[lastupdated-year], [lastupdated-month], [lastupdated-day], [lastupdated-day-str], [lastupdated-hour], [lastupdated-minute], [lastupdated-second]
  • Supports Blockies: [lastupdated-image]
  • Supports increment: [lastupdated-increment]

Have suggestions?

Feel free to add a pull request or mention the plugin. Thanks for using it (if so)!

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