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v1.0.0 is compatible with Sketch 0.0.0


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A Blend tool for Sketch App.


  1. Download through this link: Blender Version 1.0
  2. Double click to install it.
  3. Then you can find it in "Plugins" in Sketch.


Through this Plugin, you can blend objects to create and distribute shapes evenly between multiple objects in Sketch.

Note: you should use SAME SHAPES to do the blend trick.


You can try to blend their Radius, Fill, Border, Opacity, Rotate, Size, Position

Other shapes

Same as Rectangles, but can not blend their Radius.

Vectors (irregular shape):

You should copy the original shape. Change the copied shape's Fill, Border, Opacity, Rotate, Size or Position. Then apply the blend tool on them.
Notice: In this version, you cannot change the copied shape's anchor points. ;)


If you want to create a guideline for Headers, it could be useful. You can blend their Font size, Position, Character Spacing, Line Height and Text Color.


  1. Create shapes and put them in the right order since it will start from the bottom of the selected layers.
  2. Select shapes(more than 2) that you want to blend.
  3. Then you will see a input box. Type the number of steps you want between those shapes.
  4. Then you get it!



  1. Create blending color blocks

  1. Quickly blend shapes(for rectangles)

  1. Multiple color blocks

  1. Irregular Lines

  1. Create a colorful alphabet!

  1. Quickly create headers' guideline.

Other Examples


If you have any concerns, feedbacks, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me!

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