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Export artboards to Lottie — from the current page, all pages or current selection

v0.4.0 is compatible with Sketch 52.0.0


Native Sketch plugin for exporting Artboards and Symbols into Lottie JSON TIf you find any errors, please file an issue

To Install

Clone or download and double-click on Lottie-Export.sketchplugin to automatically install into sketch.


This is a sketch plugin that can be used to export artboards and symbols into Lottie JSON Files. To use, simply select multiple Artboards and or Symbols, then select Plugins -> Lottie Export -> Export Selected Artboards/Symbols

A save dialog box will appear for each selected artboard. Once saved, the json can be imported into any application using Lottie, or previewed with Lottie Mac Preview or LottieFiles.com


Lottie is a native vector and animation renderer for Android, iOS and Web that uses compact JSON files to create complex images and animations.

Check out the Lottie Repos Lottie Android Lottie iOS Lottie Web

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