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Zoom Alert

Show a small notification with the document zoom percent.

Unknown Sketch compatibility
v2.0.02y ago19 downloads

Select Parent Artboards

Selects the parent artboards of the current selection

Works with Sketch 48.1.0 and above
v1.2.02y ago128 downloads


Sketch.app plugin for auto-paddings

Unknown Sketch compatibility
v1.0.03y ago134 downloads

Icon Slate

Export icons with Icon Slate

Works with Sketch 41.0.0 and above
v1.2.03y ago138 downloads

Show Layer Info

Show ObjectID, Name, Class of selected layer. It is of great use for plugin development or file parsing

Unknown Sketch compatibility
v1.0.08mos ago41 downloads

🔁 FlipSize

Flip the size of any artboard, layer or shape.

Works with Sketch 41.0.0 and above
v1.1.110mos ago70 downloads


Unknown Sketch compatibility
v1.0.03mos ago8 downloads

Logo Fetcher

Find and insert logos in SVG/PNG-format from various sources

Works with Sketch 3.8.3 and above
v0.3.22y ago166 downloads

Sketch Server

Creates a local web server for Sketch documents.

Works with Sketch 3.0.0 and above
v1.6.33y ago91 downloads

Webalize Layers/Groups name.

Convert layout or group name to url-friendly name.

Unknown Sketch compatibility
v1.2.02y ago27 downloads