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Create the most popular types of charts by real or random data

Works with Sketch 46.2.0 and above
v2.0.03d ago19 downloads


Abstract, version, and translate your design content. Sync to Google Documents and more.

Works with Sketch 3.7.0 and above
v3.0.63d ago9 downloads

Align to Grid

Let's align selection to grid

Works with Sketch 40.0.0 and above
v0.0.437d ago13 downloads

Plugin to translate Sketch files in any language

Works with Sketch 4.0.0 and above
v0.1.07d ago15 downloads


Resize a layer based on print units

Works with Sketch 47.1.0 and above
v1.0.09d ago3 downloads

Indigo Studio

Export to Indigo Studio to create interactive, animated prototypes.

Works with Sketch 47.1.0 and above
v1.0.09d ago12 downloads


A plugin to run some P5.js code inside Sketch

Unknown Sketch compatibility
v1.0.016d ago20 downloads


Moves selected layers relative to the parent group.

Works with Sketch 3.0.0 and above
v1.0.017d ago7 downloads

Style Master

Shared style renaming.

Works with Sketch 4.0.0 and above
v1.0.017d ago24 downloads


Unknown Sketch compatibility
v1.0.018d ago1 downloads