v1.0.0 is compatible with Sketch 0.0.0


Sketch App Plugin For Applying Random Colors To A Selection Of Objects.


Install with Sketch-Toolbox or copy and paste RandomColors.sketchplugin file to your sketch app’s plugin folder.

Basic Usage

1. Define Colors Skip this step if you want to use default colors to be used.

	// Default colors
	var color1 =  "#FC583B"
var color2 =  "#FFD100"
var color3 =  "#3ADCBE"
var color4 =  "#5071FF"
var color5 =  "#014EEF"
var color6 =  "#FFF200"
var color7 =  "#78379D"
var color8 =  "#FE4F20"
var color9 =  "#40BE65"
var color10 = "#EDC054"
var color11 = "#EDC054"

// Change the hex code to your desired colors. You can also change the number of color by adding or removing *color* variables.

**2. Select Shape Objects **

Select all objects you want to have random colors.

3. Apply Random Colors Run the RandomColors plugin from plugins menu.

Note: The plugin only works with Shape Layers, support for Text and Path Layers and objects inside a Group will be added next. In case you would like to contribute, please implement any of these features, and raise a pull request.

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