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Search in overrides, and in overrides dropdowns

v0.3.11 is compatible with Sketch 50.0.0

Overrideit sketchplugin

Overrideit is sketch plugin that allow designers to search in overridelist and overrides dropdowns, and with many other features.

Overrideit Features:

1. Search overrides

You can search now in overrides by Layer Name or by value of the layer.
For example if you have text in table you can just write the text and our search will filter the override list and bring the override you need.

There is more! We adjusted the search algorithm to bring the symbol and it's nested symbols!

In this example we have 3 tabs each tab has nested symbols for (icon, text, background colors… etc)
I am searching "Tab 1" and the plugin filter the overrides to only the symbol that has layer name Tab 1, and with it's nested symbols ha cool ?!

2. Text Overrides

For text overrides, you can scale the text field as you wish, and no more tight text fields to modify your paragraphs.

Special thanks to the people who contributed in the ideation and prototyping phase. https://designtoolsberlin.com/ Madsen (@heymadsen) ,Silvia (@svorklab), Bart, Sander

if you saved your time shout me some coffee to be awake for improvements ☕️

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