Batch Export & Rename

Use this plugin to batch export layers with consistent filenames

v2.1.0 is compatible with Sketch 3.0.0

Batch Export & Rename


This plugin lets you export your symbols and layers with manageable filenames, without needing to change your Sketch symbol nesting or naming conventions.

These Sketch symbols...


...export to these files



To install, double click the .sketchplugin file, or move it to your plugins folder.

To use, press ⌃ Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + E to open the dialog.


Filename format

Choose between kebab-case, snake_case or camelCase

Ignore slashes

Ignores any slashes as used in symbols e.g. Icon/Search exports as search.svg

Add Prefix

Text to add to the beginning of the filename e.g. icon-seach.svg

Note: Currently only svg files are supported.

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