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v2.1.0 is compatible with Sketch 0.0.0

Qordoba for Sketch

Qordoba’s Sketch plugin allows designers to send their mockups content to Qordoba, making product content update easier.


Download, unzip, double click the Qordoba.sketchplugin file. It will be installed automatically. Then head over to the plugin menu and log in with your Qordoba credentials.


Uploading a page to Qordoba

To upload a selected Page to Qordoba, go to Plugins → Qordoba → Upload Current Page to Qordoba. You will be asked to choose which Organization and Project within Qordoba you’d like to send the Page to, in case you are a member of multiple Organizations / Projects.

If the Page has already been sent to same Project, a versioning suffix will be added to the end of the Page name within Qordoba.

Download a new content from Qordoba

To download the content of a Page, go to Plugins → Qordoba → Download Current Page. Choose what language you want to download (this is defined in your Qordoba project settings). Ta da! Your new content design will be downloaded as a separate page. If you’ve downloaded an RTL language, the text layers will automatically be right-justified.

Setting font settings

Alt text

Select the Default Language Settings option in the plugin menu to automatically switch the fonts in your Artboards to the fonts you use in your live app/website. The Font Ratio feature allows you to automatically resize your font choices for particular languages (slightly bigger font for Asian languages, slightly smaller font for German, for example).

Qordoba account

Don’t have a Qordoba account yet, but want to try out the plugin? Email hello@qordoba.com.

Feature requests and feedback

Ping us on Twitter or send a note to hello@qordoba.com.

How to update

Go to the Sketch Plugin Directory and replace the Qordoba.sketchplugin file with the new one, which you’ll always be able to find on this Github page.

Bug reports

This plugin is actively being improved, so let us know if you encounter any issues via Plugins→Support and Updates→Report a bug. Replicating the bug and then returning to the menu will send us an instant bug report.
Note: There is a known issue with text layers in nested symbols. The nesting is not allowing the plugin to unlink text layers. If you are using symbols heavily, we recommend that you duplicate your source page as a “For Localization” version in Sketch before sending to Qordoba.

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