Generates a HTML clickable prototype

v8.0.0 is compatible with Sketch 3.0.0


A Sketch plugin that exports Sketch artboards into clickable HTML file.

Exporter Features:

  • Single HTML file with links highlighting
  • Show artboard as an overlay over a previous artboard / Pict 1, Pict 2, Pict 3 / Example
  • Show artboard as a modal over a previous artboard / Picture, Example
  • Support for layers with fixed position (left,top and float panels) / Example
  • Support for Sketch-native links (including Back links, cross-page links, links inside Symbols and overrided hotspot links)
  • Support for external links / Hint
  • Skips pages and artboards with * prefix
  • Ability to insert Google counter
  • Ability to hide navigation controls and hotspot highlighting
  • Automatic compression of images

Viewer features:

  • Gallery / Picture
  • Async pre-loading of all page images
  • Auto-scale of large pages to fit into small browser window
  • Ability to get