Generates a HTML clickable prototype

v1.8.2 is compatible with Sketch 3.0.0


A Sketch plugin that exports Sketch artboards into clickable HTML file.


  • Show artboard as an overlay over a previous artboard /Picture, Example
  • Support for Sketch-native links (including Back links, cross-page links, links inside Symbols and overrided hotspot links)
  • Single HTML file with links highlighting
  • Support for external links
  • Skips pages and artboards with * prefix
  • Gallery /Picture (NEW)

Please send your feedback to max@bazarov.ru and subscribe to our Twitter account @exporter.plugin


To install, download the zip file and double-click on Exporter.sketchplugin. The commands will show up under Plugins > Exporter.


You can use Sketch-native links or add links to external sites. When you're finished adding these you can generate a HTML website of the all document pages by selecting Export to HTML. The generated files can then be uploaded to a server so you can show it to your clients.

Retina Images

By default it will show 2x images for high pixel density screens. To turn this off uncheck Export retina images in Settings and re-export the page.


  • Annotations (IN PROGRESS)
  • Commenting (IN PROGRESS)
  • Overlays
    • Show overlay near a mouse click position
    • Close overlays on a click outside overlay
  • Links
    • Ability to open external links in new window
    • Tool to remove external links from selected objects
    • Higlight external links inside Sketch
  • Show plugin toolbar inside Sketch (crazy thing)

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