A Sketch Plugin to upload mobile design and create native app instantly. Design in Sketch and view result on device in real time.

v0.4.5 is compatible with Sketch 3.0.0


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Sketch plugin for to generate native application instantly.


Make sure Sketch is up-to-date.This plugin only works with the latest version of Sketch.

Install PLUGIN NAME with Sketchpacks

Manual Installation

The actual location of your Sketch plugins directory will vary. To open it click on the Manage Plugins under the Plugins menu in sketch. Then click the settings icon and choose Show Plugins Folder.

Run following command after going to the sketch plugins folder:

git clone

To update plugin, inside the plugin folder, run

git pull origin master


  1. Go to to create an account.

  2. Once installed the plugin, click Install SketchTool to copy SketchTool to PATH.

  3. Click Upload Sketch File to upload sketch schema. You will enter your account credentials. Wait for upload processing. If everything works, a successful prompt will open.

  4. Go to to see the app address. You can use expo to view the app on mobile devices.


We only collect the raw dumped json data and image assets from the sketch project. We will never upload your sketch project.

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