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Export artboards to PDF — from the current page, all pages or current selection

v2.1.0 is compatible with Sketch 39.0.0

📕 PDF Export — Sketch Plugin

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A Sketch Plugin to export artboards to a PDF document.

  • Export all pages
  • Export current page
  • Export selected artboards

PDF Export Preferences


| 🔥 | Description | | --- | --- | | Artboard Export Order | Easily set the export order of the artboards when running the plugin. | | Export as PNGs into PDF | This will export each artboard first into a PNG, then place those PNGs together into a single PDF document. This is extremely helpful for things such as 'images with fills', 'gradient fills', 'some shadows' that sometimes don't render well into a PDF.You can also specify the export size for the PNGs — same as the typical Sketch export; 200w = width of 200px, 100h = height of 100px, 3x = 3 times artboard size | | Ignore Artboards/pages with prefix | Do you sometimes have those few artboards you still want to keep around, but don't necessarily want to export? Or maybe a page that is an archive? Then this is perfect for you. When checked, you can specify a prefix. Every artboard or page with that prefix will be excluded when exporting. | | Include 'Symbol Master' Artboards | Perhaps you use Symbols and wish to include the 'Symbol Master' artboards in your export... now you can. |

Why make this plugin?

Too often, I found myself going 'File > Export Artboards to PDF', then opening up the PDF and deleting pages I didn't actually want.

Sometimes I would duplicate a page in Sketch as a new iteration on the design. I would then want to export the single iteration—consisting of multiple artboards—into a PDF for distribution and printing purposes; so having a 'Export current page into PDF' option is a real lifesaver!! 😍


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Double-click the file, 'PDF Export.sketchplugin'
  3. That's it...


This plugin is in active development.

Pull requests are welcome and please submit bugs 🐛.


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