Sync Text Layer Name

Very simple Sketch plugin to sync Text layer names from their own text values.

v1.0.0 is compatible with Sketch 3.0.0

Sync Text Layer Name

Sketch plugin to rename text layers based on their text box values. It will automatically update the Text Layer name as the text box values change.


Copy Sync Text Layer Name.sketchplugin folder to Sketch plugins folder.

How to Use

Just select any text layer(s) and run the plugin. It goes through all of selected text layers and syncs text items based their own text box value. You can choose any number of groups and/or layers and it'll pick only text items.

  1. Select layers and/or groups that contains Text elements.
  2. Run the Sync Text Layer Name from the Plugins menu.
  3. Now your text layer names should match with the actual text values and will stay synced, until you override the text layer name with a different name.


I started to get bored to update "Text item layer names" manually. I just want to get their name to match actual text string.

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